What a Nightmare

by Echo

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released May 31, 2013

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Dan ABH at The Lab studio in Alexandria, VA.

Songwriting and lyrics by Echo.

Cover art by Ashley Cho.

Special Thanks to Connor White, Jay Smith, and All My Friends.



all rights reserved




in between the joy and sorrow

- -

ig: echothenarrator

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Track Name: The Gutter
Even in the gutter I’ll be staring at the stars
Everything you'd want to be is everything you are
Having what I want is never wanting what I have until I learn to be complacent about the things I’ll never understand

When I saw the future it looked too much like the past
Every bridge I never burned eventually collapsed
To do the things I fear the most will set me free I know; I’ll grow to be the man I've always been and always known

You can’t be good enough for everyone

I really can’t remember last I ever had a dream
It’s ironic because seemingly I've always been asleep
The girl for me is make believe; I’ll pick her from an olive tree; I’ll sow the stitch in every seem; and oh isn't she lovely

We have reason for a reason or it’s so I like to think
When all of our decisions are indelible as ink
No one’s laughing last because there isn't greener grass
When we make promises with hidden fingers crossed behind our backs

You can’t be good enough for everyone

People love to talk about the things they never do
We love to act surprised about the things we always knew
I’d rather have the courage to own up to my mistakes than run away from them pretending that tomorrow isn't going to be like yesterday

I want to try and cut the coat according to the cloth
But to build a fire’s difficult when all you've got is frost
Grass would never grow upon a busy city street until you take a second, take a breath and learn to take it easy

You can’t be good enough for everyone, so let go
Track Name: Salt
There was a Boy
His name was Salt
His parents died
It wasn't his fault
So he ran away
With nothing to lose
Nothing to gain
And nothing to prove
Nothing to you
What would you do if you ran away inside his shoes?
Without Mom and Dad next to you
Eight years of age on the loose
Oh what to do!

When he was young
His parents were proud
He was the summer sun inside the clouds
They planted a seed, he was their little sprout
For crying out loud!
A bolt from the blue
Then thunder would sound
Fire and panic would swallow the town
Mother and Father would frantically dash to their house as it burned to the ground
Burned to the ground!

Dear Salt!

You know that we are proud
But we best be going now
We got to get you out this house before it burns down to the ground
But before we go
It is always you should know
Your Mom and Dad will always love you more than we could ever show

They went up in smoke
Say goodbye to your home
They you found inside of your room all alone
Curled up into a ball like it’s all that you’ve known
Oh my how you’ve grown!
As country-folk ran while the lightning would crack
Your father would lift you up onto his back as your mother would fight and refused to believe they were trapped
We know better than that!

There was a boy
His name was Salt
His parents died
It wasn’t his fault
They gave their lives
It wasn’t his fault
To keep him alive
It wasn’t his fault
There was a boy
His name was Salt
His parents died
It wasn’t his fault
They gave their lives
It wasn’t his fault
To keep him alive
His name was Salt
Track Name: That Old Familiar Feeling
I've got that Old Familiar Feeling

Oh the sweet smell of that scenery
Sure as night would follow day
I know I’m bound to feel the ache
For something I can never name
All things go with time
Give me death over dishonor
I've been waiting all my life to save the damsel from the monster
Give me a little longer
Though my knees are weak as water
I will charm the devil’s daughter
I will steal her from her father
Singing with the songbirds
I wish I could speak the language
Like an existential poet speaks of anguish
I think that my fear of regretting my greatest escape is why I have to stay

I've got That Old Familiar Feeling

Oh the sweet smell of the scenery
It’s come to be a rule of thumb
That youth is wasted on the young
As shadows cast upon the sun
Everything I've never done is not the fault of someone else
When these eyes see everybody but themselves
I’ll gather my rosebuds
Life becomes a labor out of love
The voices in my head suggest that livings not enough
Grow your wings out of ambition and look down upon the sky
You’re defined by what you do before you die
I think that my fear of me dying as somebody else, keeps me myself

I've got
That Old Familiar Feeling
That I
Am not, alone
That I
Have found, a home
In you
With you
In you and with you
Track Name: After
I believe in honor among thieves
I believe in evergreen leaves upon trees
I believe in broken hearts
I believe in a fresh start
I believe in my decision now to leave
I believe in faith and always remaining faithful
Even when betrayed, even if nobodies grateful
I believe in grace
I believe in good taste
I believe in haters, and traitors, and snakes
I believe in the benefit of the doubt
I believe in silver lining every cloud
I believe in silence being such a sound
I believe in losing everything before anything is found
I believe in not knowing everything you want me to
I believe in truth over faith, fame and revenue
I believe in never giving up the ghost
I believe in hospitality even when you’re not the host
I believe in water everywhere but not a drop to drink
I believe in the bird; I believe when it sings
I believe in a ship; I believe when it sinks
I believe in a species that’s going extinct
And I believe you should think
(You should always think)
About the day you’ll be pushed to the brink

I believe that the walls you put up are ribbon-thin
Cause I believe that you really need someone to listen in
I believe that I can learn to be complacent
I believe you’re not helping and I’m running out of patience
I believe in every brick in hells basement
I believe in the glory of the pavement
I believe in living how I came –naked
I believe that out of all her pets, you’re the teacher’s favorite
I believe you don’t believe in yourself
-yet you’re so full of yourself you won’t let anybody help you
You don’t believe in anyone else and I believe that it’s becoming detrimental to your health
I believe in being my own lawyer
I believe I've got a fool for a client
I believe I could sell it like Tom Sawyer
But I still don’t believe that you would buy it
I believe in keeping something things private
Believe in a secret and your reason to hide it
I believe I don’t know why I can’t leave
But I know what that means
That’s why I still try it
I believe in your eyes
When they refuse to look at mine
They make it so fucking obvious when you lie
Track Name: What a Nightmare
I would do anything for the truth
The price of anything is the amount of life you lose
Nothing ever changes, only people ever do
I prefer the company I found in solitude
Never look back; never leave tracks
“You can find a God to suit your every circumstance”
The world owes you nothing; it’ll still give you a chance
So if hope becomes the melody then faith becomes the dance
I want to live and die young
My love and hate is civil war –I wear it on my tongue
By the day I want the moon and by the night I want the sun
Twenty patient years, for the person I've become
I’ll squeeze blood out of a stone
Feed it to the house I try and grow into a home
I laugh with the world but I’ll always weep alone
Until I come across a thought I've always known
And it goes:

I know the sun will shine
I know the sun will shine
Whether yours or mine I won't subscribe to strangers in the sky
I know the sun will shine

People nowadays, they’re so easily offended
Love to get upset for every time they’re disrespected
So everything is censored and politically corrected
To fit a preconception of what’s publicly accepted
I don’t get it, but it isn't up to me
If you don’t like the Wolf without the clothing of a Sheep
So you lie and you disguise it there’s nothing underneath
And you want me to keep the secret like this Wolf ain’t got no teeth
Please, it’s not like I know any better
I have a lot of rules that I don’t follow to the letter
I’m naked and embarrassed like a bird without his feathers
And I’m ready to admit I could be wrong now altogether
Forever, and language is a prison
Used to fabricate a fact out of a total fiction
They’ll make murder sound respectable for any who’d listen
Until there’s not a difference between truth and superstition, but!

I know the moon will glow
I know the moon will glow
Whether high or low, I’ll go which way the tide decides to flow
I know the moon will glow

Oh, no
What a nightmare!

Never had a reason for the next
And every single time I liked it less
I always hated waking to the sun
But the moon could never be the only one

Oh, no
What a Nightmare!

Oh, no