Footprints in the Snow

by Echo

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released May 31, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Connor White at the ToR Studio in Herndon, VA.

Production by EK, Primal Beats, and DJ Phixion.

Lyrics by Echo.

Cover Art by Jack Katzbach.



all rights reserved




in between the joy and sorrow

- -

ig: echothenarrator

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Track Name: The Harvest (Prod. DJ Phixion)
I put trust within the harvest though I've never seen it sown
I could never feel the hurt of things I wouldn't know
Courage doesn't constitute abandoning your fears
Its conquering uncertainty wherever it appears

(So it goes)

People love complaining ‘bout the thorns upon a rose
Though forget about the rose upon the thorns
Like nobody ever cared about the fire till it froze
And now they’d kill each other for the warmth

We muddied up the water
If you learn to laugh about it you might live a little longer
The monster underneath your bed is nothing but a lie
When every criticism hit me right between the eyes
A legend in my time I've got the clothes to make the man
Extend the olive branch
I would love to shake your hand
Understand that every cynic was romantic at a time
They can’t stand up for the cause because they haven’t got a spine
Oh my!
You say it’s always snowing in the summertime
Redefine the paradigm like will you be my valentine
Or my concubine it wouldn't make a difference
Any conscience really only ever wants a man to listen
So reminiscent of a girl I never had
And a fight we never fought about our nonexistence past
Atop the social ladder everybody wears a mask
Uglier than sinning like our hell is understaffed
How’s that

You’re uglier than sin, like hell is understaffed
How’s that
You’re uglier than sin, but I love that fucking grin

They say her daddy’s always drinking like fish
They say he’s taught her not to speak a fucking word
They say she doesn't know what patriarchy is
They say that everything she says becomes a curse

You’re breaking out the shell
It’d be a cold July before I asked you how you felt
You couldn't speak or spell it for anybody but yourself
Like I would go to hell and back for anybody else
I could never tell the difference in behavior
Like there’s nothing braver
Than dying for a stranger
It’s in my nature
To sing because I have a song
Not because I think that it’s an answer to where I belong
And if I’m wrong my epitaph will call me coward
The milk is turning sour like your daughters been deflowered
I want the power I don’t want responsibility
Come on smalls you’re killing me
You’re not that stupid willing, are you?
I would never argue with a better thing
Married to a wedding ring
I’d rather have a steady fling
Every set of wings an angel never gets
Is every opportunity that you forget?
I guess

It’s every set of wings that an angel never gets
I guess
It’s every set of wings that The Harvest never brings
Track Name: Astral (Prod. EK)
Yours is not to reason why
Yours is but to do and die
Not up to God to justify
His ways to you and I…
Everybody make a fist and put it to the sky
Die motherfucker die
There's not a reason to surrender
We're the number one contender
Out of all of our competitors
We'll always be the better
Like a diamond is forever
These passive-aggressors always want the fame and fortune without putting in the effort
But we’ll give it to them never
You've been weighed and you've been measured
As unworthy to remember
Go and exit where you entered
I welcome competition
Morning Glory
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition
Set a fire in the kitchen
Redefine the definition
Never-mind the recognition
Never sacrifice your vision, God willing
Every fucking politician wants to claim their superstition is the only true religion, no kidding?

Everybody take a hand and put it on your heart
I pledge allegiance to the sum of all my parts
I’d suffer any struggle for the light beyond the tunnel
By the skin upon my knuckles
I will pick apart the puzzle
Like I’m drowning in a puddle
And the messages are mumbled like the mongrel little mutt in me is screaming through a muzzle
But I’m rummage through the rubble
Like the deck was never shuffled
Though I never look for trouble
If I do I’m seeing double
I never said I was devout
Cursing like a sailor till I’m foaming at the mouth
I bet you’d want to wash it out
I've benefited from the doubt
Of every head within the cloud
That I would never talk about, like wow
You can scream and you can shout about my every broken vow but I would never turn a frown, what now?
Track Name: Shitty (Prod. Primal Beats)
You bark like a dog
I would love to rip the mask off
What's behind the trash talk?
Not a whole lot
Flaunt what you don't got
Want what you can't have
Act like it's Hip-Hop
Oh don't stop, you're funny like a joke
Smoke you like a cigarette and play you like a note
Spin it like a pirouette
Oh I can only hope you aren't doing something you'll regret
Everybody place your bets
You would die before your stroke fell
Never undersell yourself despite the hand that you were dealt
We're not buying what you got to sell
We don't need your kind of help
We'll handle it ourselves
You're eating me alive
Come fire, come ice
Either / or would suffice
I've become a victim of my own advice
No need to apologize
I'll catch you in the afterlife

I hate people with opinions
You're not one out of a million and you're not so fucking brilliant
You're not different, and you'll never make a difference
But you kick around your wisdom like everybody should listen
When you're only doing whats convenient
And only see the value in the things that you agree with
Like you could never handle disagreement
Honestly I'm wondering if you even believe in it
It's not scenic, but it's not like its suppose to be
You contribute to it even if you do unknowingly
You'd never save the planet by the merit of your poetry
You talk about the hero but you never act heroically
And I want to be clear, I'm every bit as guilty as anybody here
Everyone's the same, we're equal, we're singular
We get Shitty, then we die like Dillinger
Track Name: Technibeat (Prod. EK)
It's like every other any day I'm going for the throat
I would live and die in any way to get to be alone
I wake up in the morning and this house is not a home
When I go to sleep my body is the only thing I own
(I know)
I really shouldn't show it so I won't
I know I could do it but I don't
(Don't quote me)
Here today and gone tomorrow
When the leader comes to follow
A sudden fall from grace can be a bitter pill to swallow
(I know)

Everybody wants to pick the lowest hanging fruit
Instead of reaching for a challenge like they've got something to prove
Everyone should try and bite off more than they can chew
Without the worry they might chip a tooth
Enthusiasm conquers the impossible
I never bombed a single hill with visions of the hospital
Your primary concern should be to overcome the obstacle
Instead of calculating reasons it'd be irresponsible

I feel like I'm losing something that I've never had
I'm spending too much time and effort stirring up the past
When I should be cultivating talents that I have
I'm too concerned with idolizing what my neighbor has
(That's that)
I promise that I’ll try and help myself
That’s the best thing you can do for anybody else
Twenty years of feeling and as far as I have felt
I know every winter will eventually melt
(I know)

If you see the forest for the trees
And if you see the desert for the sand
Remember that the devils in the details
And he’ll never leave, once you shake his hand
Track Name: Civil Disobedience (Sage Francis Live Cover)
Go to bed late, then I have to wake
Get to work, keep it goin’, can't stop, can't take a break
Gotta get it done, in time for me to do the things I wanna do
But by the time I finished it, it's time for me to talk to you
And then explain what I do in my day, well
It's complicated and you say, "Pray tell"
And I will try, if I miss any details
Think about it later and then send it in an e-mail
'Cause my brain is on a loop, but there's a buzz
That I need to troubleshoot, not now
Gotta-gotta get the work done
Last night, some other day is turnin’ to the first one
I, never gonna never gonna
I, am never gonna never gonna
I, ain't never gonna ever gonna die

Huh, pedal to the medal, gonna get ahead
Gonna run another red light in the dead of the night
Lettin’ the light from my cellphone distract my eyes
Sexual text messagin’ to my mind
Fingers are busy, but now I'm lookin’ in the mirror
Cause the people behind me, they're givin’ me the middle finger
I'll kill 'em if they pull up any closer to my bumper
Short-tempered mother… shut your mouth!
Drinkin’ the coffee, now I'm dumpin’ it out
He's honkin’ his horn like "You wanna throw down?!?"
He thinks, "Oh boy, you wanna go now? I'm ready (I'm ready)"
For the typically cyclical simple civil obedience
Typically cyclical simple civil obedience
Typically cyclical simple civil obedience
(di-di-di-difficult isn't it?)

I'm just a man, with a company van
And a supervisor who just does a summary scan
And a coworker who's always like "Just cover me man"
In the morning we all get into the huddle again
Like "Can we even make more money?"
I wonder what the luxury is really taken from me
I don't even have to worry (ha-ha-ha-ha-hiiii)

Typically cyclical simple civil obedience
Typically cyclical simple civil obedience
Typically cyclical simple civil obedience
Typically cyclical simple civil obedient people…
Are gonna die…
‘Cause they can't live…
My life…

All eyes on the small guys makin’ small noise
In a small town with the small music men
You're just fall guys, in the law's eyes
Your voice is worth more than you know and you're not foolin’ anyone
I'm not a con-artist, your pencil and promises eroding eraser tips
I'm sick of your colleges
Expensive taste-tester: “Spit that wine”
Excessive waist, chest, butt; it's that time
For me to get randomly checked again
Bored until you're marked with a blood-red pen
Water bottle sittin’ in my pocket and I'm walkin’ with a grin
‘Cause the liquid isn't permitted,
I'm rippin’ up the ticket
For the lady at the counter as confetti in her face!
Shoulda never let me in this place
Fly, fly boy in the brownest state
I got a feeling that I'm never gonna get let out the gate ‘cause I'm the BOMB
Yeah I said it; cool, collected, and calm
Maneuver through the computer to do a little song
My music got the charm
Smoother than a cougar, attack the mic and get on the intercom

“Hello passengers, fellow activists,
Whether you're masochists, mellow pacifists
Tell those faxin’ it is no accident
By the end of this record, you're gonna knowwwww”

Typically cyclical simple civil obedience
Typically cyclical simple civil obedience
Typically cyclical simple civil obedience
Typically cyclical simple civil obedient people

Are you listenin’, Love? I got a theory for us
Can you hear me enough, can you hand me my stuff?
‘Bout to move out this scary cemetery you trust
Livin’ just a little bit, it isn't nearly enough
Livin’ just a little bit, it isn't nearly justified
Because ah-ah-ah-I, ah-ah-ah-I am
Never gonna never gonna never gonna never gonna die